Wednesday, 13 September 2017

A little kindness helps

The powerful queen was draped in priceless rubies, sapphires, diamonds and gold. Queen Bostina Liamona sat on her throne filled with jewels. But she always had a fear of being robbed.

One day her dark nightmare came to life while she was having her tea “BANG!!!” crashed the two wooden doors as the armed black hooded men burst in. The queen screamed for her life. She contacted the guardian praying for help

“OK I'M SENDING IN THE M.S.W.A.T” said the guardian. The guardian lurked beneath the shimmery surface of the sea. The Guardian had a wizened face and long ash shaded hair. Seaweed skimmed against his feet as he gazed over his kingdom and dialled for the M.S.W.A.T.

The M.S.W.A.T(Mermen Special Weapon And Tactics) emerged from the submarine and spread all through the house trapping all the thieves in one net. Before the guardian banished the thieves to prison they asked if they could ring the queen to say sorry.

The graceful queen accepted their apology and instructed the guardian to go easy on the thieves. The thieves learned that even if you have done wrong an apology is always appreciated .

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